green roof

The term "Green Roof" or "green roof" for the Iranian Families may not know the term, but in the international arena is one of the new methods, charming, beautiful and useful, either to change the atmosphere of the house and also help to create green space and nature city. The green roof can open the roof or terrace and exterior walls of your home by creating the right conditions for security and protection, different plants to grow and create beautiful view. This will create a healthy environment in urban spaces that satisfy those interested in flowers and plants in the courtyard spaces and attract the apartment landless. It does not even use them to attract rains from heaven and would be convenient to have a good growth of plants and rainwater on the roof there. Of course, creating green roofs need to run a series of basic infrastructure to prevent the destruction of roof and create the right environment to grow plants and flowers. sure.
  • Help clean the air
  • Attractive facades of buildings
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Smooth beautiful view of the city

A heavenly garden

You can use the green roof as a specific space for recreation, which means it can even be designed to look decorative. You can form part of the roof pavilions with barbecue space design   So space and run the tool to do it.


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